Inside Fidel Castro's government a conspiracy is brewing, when along comes Neal McGrath. He is not a spy. He's a university professor visiting Havana to research a book during the time when Fidel Castro is at the height of his power. Before McGrath leaves the States, though, an old colleague from the CIA pressures him for a favor—get in touch with Elena Rodriguez, a beautiful and mysterious woman from McGrath’s past. But one meeting with Elena is enough to trap Neal in a life-and-death game of international conspiracy. Elena now works for Cuba's top-secret intelligence agency, the Ministry of Interior, and the information she possesses can sway governments--or get her killed. Neal offers to help her any way he can, all the while struggling to make sense of events that draw him and Elena ever deeper into Cuba's cutthroat world of power and lies, where only one rule is clear: Survive any way you can. 

“Patriot Trap, based on real life events that took place in Cuba during a period of Fidel Castro’s tight control, is a must read. For those looking for a better understanding of evolving U.S.-Cuban tensions, this highly charged action-adventure is just the ticket. I strongly recommend it.”

--C. Fred Bergsten
Former Deputy to Dr. Henry Kissingerat the National Security Council.

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Plots Abound By Michael L. Slavin VINE™ VOICE

Top Cuban Generals plan to overthrow Castro, top Cuban officials deal in drugs, leftist guerillas in Mexico plan to assassinate Mexican President while he visits U.S., Cuban military leaders hope for a military coup in Mexico after the president is murdered. College professor Neal McGrath is visiting Cuba to gather information for a book he is writing. He is approached by the CIA to help gather facts about drug dealing while there. He is told to get in touch with a beautiful former student of his who now works for a top-secret intelligence agency there. As the book unfolds there is plenty of excitement. A very good, quick read. 
Exciting and fast read 
By James B. Coates

Enjoying the suspense of this book and the way it winds in the politics of Mexico, Cuba and the US. With the author's (Ray Duncan) knowledge of Cuba and Latin America, the story line is so much more believable.


Action Packed Book! By Melvin Hunt

The main character of this book is Neal McGrath. McGrath is a college professor in Washington D.C. He is about to embark on a trip to Havana, Cuba to do research on a book he is going to write about Cuba. An old colleague from the CIA convinces McGrath to contact Elena Rodriguez a beautiful woman that McGrath taught in graduate school. She is working for the top-secret intelligence agency, the Ministry of the Interior. She has valuable and needed information. After making contact he discovers that General Ramiro is a dangerous character. He is a leader in the drug industry in Cuba. He is also a key figure in Operation Rebirth. This is a plot to stage a coup and remove Castro from power. General Ramiro has also hired a dangerous assassin, Carlos Moreno, to kill the President of Mexico in Washington D.C. This will be done to destabilize Mexico. McGrath and Elena are forced to flee for their lives from Cuba. They are also trying to stop General Ramiro's nefarious plot to assassinate the Mexican President. A thrilling book that you will enjoy. It gives you a very good outlook on Cuba.