Judge’s Review
2015 Writer’s Digest E-Book Competition

Trespassers is a mainstream political thriller that follows Neal McGrath, a professor and former Special Forces officer, who is investigating the threat by Mexican activists who wish for….portions of the United States that were originally Mexican to be returned to Mexico. A group called REVENGE NOW is setting off car bombs at border stations along the Mexico-U.S. border… an extremely original premise for a thriller—the element of white supremacist groups being equally if not more threatening than Mexican nationalist groups….

Illegal Mexicans, drawn by a strong U.S. economic recovery, are again crossing the US border in alarming numbers. Terrorist acts are erupting weekly along the boundary line. Protest marches in Phoenix over a “Stolen Southwest” only aggravate an explosive situation in part due to a violent white supremacist militias' backlash. The CIA, tasked to investigate this escalating national security threat, recruits Professor Neal McGrath to help. McGrath, a former Special Forces officer who has worked previously with Langley, has valuable contacts in Mexico City. To add to the tension, the beautiful CIA operative, Elena Rodríguez, with whom McGrath shares a romantic and dangerous past, is assigned to work with him. Together they unearth a deadly international conspiracy that puts their lives in danger at every turn.

Like an 80 MPH motorcycle ride on a winding
canyon road!

By Wendell Thompson

This new E-Book by Raymond Duncan is without a doubt an exciting read. It is a real page turner or should I say screen tapper. I just finished the book and my index finger is tired from the non-stop adventure! The story is full of political intrigue that is entirely plausible given current conditions today onthe border of Mexico and southwest USA. If you like fast paced drama that never seems to end, I recommend this to you. Every chapter ends leaving the reader hanging so much so that you arecompelled to read on. I just can't say enoughabout this new author's sense of timing, engaging humor and character development. I see he has written another book called "The Patriot Trap". It is now number one on my reading list...but I need totake a break...or maybe not.- 

Great book, good read!
By Skirats

I read Ray Duncan's first book sitting on the beach in the Caribbean smoking a Cuban cigar, so it only seemed fitting that I would do it for his 2nd book. I loved Trespassers! It was a great read, fast and exciting. I enjoyed the continuation of familiar characters from the first book as well as the new ones. Ray Duncan's attention to the detail surrounding the story drew you into the plot even more. His storyline of the border of USA and Mexico and immigration is timely. Corruption, power, money and politics, what else do you need? Great plot with lots of action, I look forward to more.